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I hear the whispers

Baby I hear them speaking the truth

To fall for you

I’ve heard your words fall from a thousand lips

From faces no longer clear

You can’t have me

Pay no mind to my consent

Pay me no mind

There is nothing good left between


Glacier passion devoid

If it makes you less sad

Consider me a broken thing

Beyond emotional recovery

Still fit to ride

Past investment

Holding fast and whittling away


When the light falls

And I become a still, solitary shadow

Don’t turn it into something it’s not

You took all I have

Frozen cunt

Disengaged gag reflex

The place where I feel home


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There is the whole other life for life

A chance, some blinding glare

Where, cheers, this glance

Became more than a whispered piece 

of mourning

What am I, this piece of your game

It is the wrong time to pull me through

There is no appropriate ignorance 

plans and delicacy

This is no vernacular romancing

Finding yourself in my shoes

Shut the curtains

And let my mind wander idly







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I will play you 

One slow song

for you to succumb

I’m not done 


you on your knees

I will feed wine

to you

like this life


on little else

Than doing me wrong

I only

Want to make you feel


your head

Be as fucking insincere

as lonely makes you


Your gone

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Pig… Ignorant

He was pig ignorant

as the ignorance finds another hook to lay it’s hat

and crosses the room to stand directly to my left

not acknowledging this loss of 30+ years

30 years, three decades, three small lifetimes

without acknowledgement

enough time for pain, shame, and dreams to be shattered

enough time for time to shift the dynamic

from the wait of corruption and disdain


30 years of pig ignorance, or knowing you are priority zero

trapped in this triangle of contribution

Ignorance when the patterns shine through the sunlight

Blocking the warmth

The claustrophobic reality of dependence

The shivering path of acceptance

Lonely and painful adult understanding

in infancy

pupated and torn

Swollen, bloody silence


As your ignorance, your pig ignorance

leads you to the Bugle, to the arms of neglect to drown yourself

in cheap perfume and cheaper wine by the gallon

To tabloid outrage and no better place

to cheap resentments at any different face

with no reflection, no gland ego the side 

to see where your pig ignorance led

for those you pushed to the outskirts

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I don’t even know what to call you

But that article in the Guardian

The letters people wish they could send

It struck me as being particularly apt that you came to mind

Because I could have written a thousand letters that you will never read


Never know the origin of

Never understand

know existed


Much like this fruit of your loins

Born out of some ignorant, base, spent description of passion

Spawned screaming, into artex ceiling, candlewick gleam

Got to keep the circle turning

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Am Inside

It’s not that I am scared

I kissed your mouth

Fell into the habit

You have to know

I always fall into the habit

I am disinterested

I am obsession, violence

words don’t follow

I’ve been outplayed

Doesn’t hurt me

You and I won’t be undone

By burying me

By breaking me down

You have to know

I always fall into the habit

Hopeless habit of inane



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I feel no touch, I am just a place you were looking for

To lay your hat/e

At my door


And I was all amateur dramatics 

Studied confessional pain

At your door


From the moment your eyes opened

I want you no longer

You don’t know me 


Days are ordinary

No-one thinks about these 

One of a kind, bespoke spoken words


All these words we have spoken

Why don’t you close the door

I just can’t go on wishing you away


Deep sense

Comes from nothing

Comes from you

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